Flamenco In Concert



“Although the roots of flamenco are deeply imbedded in the soil and the culture of Andalucia, in Southern Spain, it nevertheless deals with emotional ingredients that are universal and timeless and, therefore, felt and understood by all human beings; be it the lone voice of the flamenco singer, the sexuality and passion of the dancer or the unique texture of the guitar, this art form always has and continues to find mysterious paths into peoples sensitivities all over the world”.

Paco Peña 

Today, flamenco excites a growing international audience, many of whom know nothing of its complex traditions and little of the intense pain it expresses. Yet they  can identify with its ancient canon of oppression, anguish and suffering. With maestros of the calibre of Paco Peña now touring the world’s greatest theatres and opera houses, it  is perhaps not so very surprising.

There is here, a pride of spirit, a nobility of bearing, a vitality of passion and a lust for life which is truly universal.

Bringing to life the intoxicating rhythms, colours and sounds of Andalucía, Paco Peña and his company of a singer, young talented dancers, and musicians set the stage alight in bursts of glorious improvisation and virtuoso flamenco technique.

The first half of the performance features the solo guitar by Paco, a great favourite among audiences. In The second half, the other artists join Mr Peña for the full flamenco experience.


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